Emma & Bubba

Emmadime, the talented graphic designer and blogger, used to work in The Flashdance office with all of us until one day a handsome young scientist named Bubba swept her off her feet and all the way to San Francisco. Not long after, they got hitched.

As for the wedding, they generously gave photographer Jennifer Emerling and I TONS of time for portraiture, so we drove them all over the city. Because of that, and because her wedding was genuinely one of the most intimate and special events we’ve seen, we are excited and proud to finally show off our work and celebrate this couple.

Seriously, just look at these two random photos I just snagged from Jenn’s new website. Oh, by the way, Jenn just launched a brand spankin’ new website (designed by Emma, and it’s super dope). There you will find all of the photos. We suggest looking at them, but fair warning – your eyeballs might explode.

EmmaBubba_topselects030 EmmaBubba_topselects026

And here is their video!

Special thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for the big post today!

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