Love Is Alive


Love is Alive. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true. The Shark Pig Weddings team has traveled all over the world in search of Love, and we found it. We found it living in many forms, and in many people. We watched it make people laugh and dance and cry and kiss. We’ve observed the way that Love brings people together. It can turn two families into one. It heals and transforms. Amongst all our differences as humans, Love is a commonality. It joins us. People have tried to describe Love in all kinds of terms. We prefer to describe with image and music.

In a time where there’s a lot of hate, Love is alive. This is the proof.

This beautiful song is “Fountain of Youth” by a band called Local Natives, a few members of which make an appearance in this video. We’ve now memorized every nuance and note of it, and we still really really like it. You should check out (and buy) their new album. It’s awesome.

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