Combatant Gentlemen – Dress Smarter

Combatant Gentlemen trusted us to have a little fun with their new “About Us” video.  We pitched a creative treatment that involved vertical beds, falling backdrops, black morph “invisible men” suits, a table top portal device, a relatively tedious wardrobe stop motion sequence, and they were STILL totally down.  Pretty awesome to be developing relationships with clients like these guys (and girls).

We pulled this project together from script to delivery in exactly 2 weeks time.  We had an awesome crew and great support all the way through (Stratostorm totally rocked the visual effects, we’re stoked on that Portal), which allowed us to come up with something that we’re all pretty proud of.

Also, add Sheep to the “Animals Pappin has Directed” list.  Working our way to Tigers and maybe even a Giraffe.  A Rhino would be cool, too.

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