In the Works: The Muse Finds You Working

At Shark Pig, each of us brings something to the table. For example, years before we joined the company some of us studied filmmaking while some of us meditated in Iowa, made LP’s,  or even freelanced in the commercial and film worlds. Brian in particular has had an incredible range of occupations and world travels. Anyway, for almost all of us, commercial work and hobbyist filmmaking are still a big part of our lives.

Last year, I decided to give myself a crash course in independent filmmaking by writing, producing and directing two short films. It was an ass kicking. And one of the films still isn’t finished yet. But I learned a lot, made a few connections and a lot of new friends.

As for the first one, the one that’s finished, I’m still waiting to hear back from a few festivals, then I plan to post it online for anyone who’d like to watch it. In the meantime, it recently played on a big screen in downtown LA and even won a couple of recognitions.

As for the second one, admittedly it’s my fault at this point that it isn’t done…It’s just sitting there on my computer. But it’s wedding season right now and every weekend I’m out there traveling, filming, dancing and helping Shark Pig grow. And on the weekdays I’m crafting those fancy little documentaries on the almighty subject of love.

It’s totally not my intention to make my wedding work sound like a burden. I love my job. My point is to give a hearty shoutout to everyone that worked on the unfinished project and let them know that it’s still coming – and I think everyone will be pleased when they see the final product.

Here’s a few of my favorite visuals, along with some details: (4) (1) (6) (2)

Logline: A friendless writer unravels while a mysterious hole in her wall grows bigger and bigger. (11) (7) (5) (3)

By the way, aren’t GIFs the best? I think I love them so much because they remind me of the Daily Prophet. (8) (12) (9)

The Muse Finds You Working is an experimental existential piece with no dialogue, one character and one location.

It evolved a few times. For example, it’s original title was Circles, but the film is so odd that I thought it would be helpful to use the title as a signpost for my intentions. I do hope that people derive their own meanings from it but I also want my ideas to be received clearly.

This project benefited from an exceptionally talented and hard working crew, and it’s still benefiting from a couple of outstanding FX and sound artists. I will be so, so stoked to send it out to festivals and the rest of the world very soon. Thanks for reading!

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