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This Happened to Lynch

One time, Lynch shot a wedding.  It made the rest of us as giddy as a bunch of school girls to think about our Executive Producer immersed in the world of bridesmaids, flowers, and cake cutting.  We joked about the extents he’d have to go to in order to get the right shot.  He would need to get down and dirty, and sacrifice his usual calm and collected demeanor to pull goofy poses that only a videographer would perform.  We figured he would find his own way to circumnavigate the foolishness, but when the day came, we received this photo of him fucking OWNING it:


That’s why Lynch is the Boss.

Youtube Cat Video

This cat treat commercial I directed has over a million views on Youtube. Who knew cats on Youtube could be so popular? I think we’re on to something.

It also broadcasted on national television, which is pretty cool too. I think Lynch saw it. You should ask him about it.

Molly & Dro

This wedding was a blast. They started the day with dancing and shots of Cognac, then finished the day with dancing and shots of Cognac. Molly & Dro were a super sweet couple that were excited to share the Armenian Traditions with the Shark Pigs, and we were excited to party with them.

Pappin in Europe

IMG_1069     IMG_1012

IMG_1294     IMG_1384

IMG_1385     IMG_1458

IMG_1690     IMG_1852

You guys.  Europe.  I love going to Europe.  One time, in the middle of dinner in Italy, my Italian host said: “Pappin, I feel you are so misunderstood in your country.”  Italy gets me.  This is just a camera phone preview of my trip as I shot some weddings and some other projects in Ireland, Spain, Italy and France.

I’m a pretty good travel companion.  I’ve been known to split a bottle of wine before boarding a flight just to make things a bit more enjoyable, drive on the left side of the road with ease, and have mastered navigating a European roundabout in only 4 rotations.  Let’s go puddle jumping together.  I’ll bring the film.

Splendid + TEE PARTY

I love shooting with the girls. It usually means I get to come to set, drink mimosas, flirt, bring hair accessories to life with a lot of fiddling and stop motion, and clean up confetti. In that order. This one had the added benefit of some colors brought to you by Splendid, and girls taking off their shirts. (HA! If you hadn’t watched it before, I bet you have now!)