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Love Is Alive


Love is Alive. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true. The Shark Pig Weddings team has traveled all over the world in search of Love, and we found it. We found it living in many forms, and in many people. We watched it make people laugh and dance and cry and kiss. We’ve observed the way that Love brings people together. It can turn two families into one. It heals and transforms. Amongst all our differences as humans, Love is a commonality. It joins us. People have tried to describe Love in all kinds of terms. We prefer to describe with image and music.

In a time where there’s a lot of hate, Love is alive. This is the proof.

This beautiful song is “Fountain of Youth” by a band called Local Natives, a few members of which make an appearance in this video. We’ve now memorized every nuance and note of it, and we still really really like it. You should check out (and buy) their new album. It’s awesome.

Suit Guys

We’ve been waiting a while to share this project we did with our friends Combatant Gentlemen , and now that their Summit Collection has officially launched, we can finally show you what we got to do this year:

And it basically changed our lives.  We spent one sweltering hot week in Italy, drinking cappuccinos (before lunch, never after), touring the wool capitol of the world, and getting a blunt lesson in how Italians view life.  Their overwhelming passion for food, style, tradition was so inspiring and beautiful, we couldn’t help but walk away with a fresh perspective, and a desire to incorporate some of their ideals in to our daily life.  The most obvious transformation being that we’re Suit Guys now.

In what we like to call a social experiment, we’ve challenged ourselves and each other to introduce a little passion in to how we get dressed every morning before we go out in to the world.  While I can’t speak for the other bros, the difference in my life has been undeniable, and honestly pretty fascinating.  It’s a lifestyle that invites confidence, respect, and appreciation, just by putting in some effort in the morning…which makes it really fun.  The positive effects are rewarding enough that I can really get behind the mission Combatant Gentlemen is on.  They’re doing a pretty damn good job of making this lifestyle choice a possibility for more and more people, and I’m proud to be helping them get the message out by making videos like this.

Anyway,  I’m stoked I got to do this for work.  Here are some photos we took in Italy of some amazing people and places.

0V7A0234 0V7A0229

Our lovely bed and breakfast hosts.  They gave us a bed, and the mosquitos ate our hot sweaty bodies for breakfast.



This is Muriel.  She was our guide to Italian shaming.  Here she is teaching me how to properly talk with my hands.  She would also refuse to let me consume milk after lunch, and was very honest about how unimpressed she was with our production fashion.  We love her because it was the kick in the ass we needed to step our game up.

0V7A0613 0V7A0606

Our friend Max, on the left, gave us an additional tour of a Silk distributer in Como.  It was beyond.

0V7A0707 0V7A0663




Pig Trouble in Little Chinatown

We’ve been doing some work with Panda Express for their Orange Chicken Love Truck Tour.  Did you know Panda Express is run by Super Intelligent T-Shirt Wearing Pandas who only communicate through dance?  Here is a video of Brian Morrow, our creative director in a very important business meeting:

Just kidding.  They’re totally just dancing about Kurt Russell.

Takepart – On the Line

Check out this video we did with Tara Maxey of Heirloom LA and Jet Tila of Stir Market for!

It would be fair to say that I wasn’t much in to food before I moved to LA.  I was pretty picky and had excuses like “overly sensitive tastebuds” at my disposal to get out of eating things I thought were weird. Now, having spent 5 years in this City of Angels, I am proud to say my horizons have expanded.  With so many options and a spectrum of cultures to choose from, I have been exposed to a whole new world of culinary experiences, and I’m loving it.

On The Line is a project I would have never imagined myself doing 5 years ago, but now I couldn’t have been more interested in what shooting a video like this had to offer.  Jet Tila of Stir Market (and Food Network fame) is a LA native with a wealth of knowledge about the different culinary worlds of our city, and I couldn’t get enough of what he had to say.  His expert tour of Thai Town has filled my vocabulary with restaurants and trivia that I fully intend on using on friends and family to make me seem more impressive.  Not to mention he is just an all around great guy, and welcomed me and my team of filmmakers in to his world with open arms.

Then we did things like ride the metro at rush hour, hopping from one culture to another, and strolling through Thai Town with Jet as our guide.  He hooked us up with the fine people at Ruen Pair, and while you can watch most of that interaction in the video, the thing you won’t see (and what I love about working on cooking shows) is that we were able to feast on some of the best Thai dishes in LA after everything had wrapped.  Every production should have the entire crew sitting around a table and enjoying their 2nd meal family style at the end of the day.  Right?

TakePart_Thaitown-081 TakePart_Thaitown-024







Stills by Rainbeau

Combatant Gentlemen – Dress Smarter

Combatant Gentlemen trusted us to have a little fun with their new “About Us” video.  We pitched a creative treatment that involved vertical beds, falling backdrops, black morph “invisible men” suits, a table top portal device, a relatively tedious wardrobe stop motion sequence, and they were STILL totally down.  Pretty awesome to be developing relationships with clients like these guys (and girls).

We pulled this project together from script to delivery in exactly 2 weeks time.  We had an awesome crew and great support all the way through (Stratostorm totally rocked the visual effects, we’re stoked on that Portal), which allowed us to come up with something that we’re all pretty proud of.

Also, add Sheep to the “Animals Pappin has Directed” list.  Working our way to Tigers and maybe even a Giraffe.  A Rhino would be cool, too.