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Individual Medley

I live in Atwater near The Flashdance headquarters. This location offers some benefits, such as: Tacos Villa Corona, Proof Bakery, The Juice LA, and a rad retail shop called Individual Medley. Shortly after I moved here, I became incapable of walking by this shop without staring awkwardly through the window, bombarding the register and leaving an hour later with a huge bag.

In short, this store rules.

There are many reasons for this. For example, Monica and Justin (the owners) are possibly the most mellow and friendly people who have ever owned a retail business. Check out this great interview they gave on Kinfolk. And they work with great artists. From clothing and accessories to beauty products to books and home stuff, Individual Medley has rallied some of the most talented and respected makers in LA and across the country.

We invited Individual Medley and their contributors over to our studio, The Social for a day. It created an opportunity for some of the artists to meet for the first time. What resulted was some good memories, some new friendships, and this video, where you’ll see a handful of talents showing off the products they make.

Individual Medley is located at 3176 Glendale Blvd. Go there.

Jill + Lucas

This is another example of how work doesn’t feel like work at all. Family and friends mean a lot to Jill and Lucas, and to be invited into that group was one my best experiences of the year. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were 100% stoked and had the photographer, Caroline Fontenot and I laughing so hard from all the weird moments we were capturing. Some of my best shots from the day came from just hanging out and talking to people, and then tripping out on things like the crazy wallpaper all over the venue and these hyper kids who ran laps around the property literally ALL day.

After the ceremony, as I suspected it would, the dance party went off and everybody went completely insane. This was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been to and editing this video involved editing my own great memories. Clients like Jill and Lucas are why we love what we do. Check out this video to see what an awesome southern wedding looks like, and don’t miss the full report with photos on Ruffled!

Matt & Ashley

Today on the Front Page of SMP you’ll find a couple that brought us, Jen Huang, and a bunch of our buddies along on their big day, first to Downtown and later to an  epic conclusion at Huron Substation.

This wedding had kind of a dream team…or rather a wedding army behind it: Tori Hendrix, Twig and Twine, the incomparable Michael Antonia of The Flashdance, and even our buddies over at Heirloom LA. Most importantly, Matt and Ashley were awesome. We made two music videos for them – one completely devoted to the reception, because it went OFF. By the end of it, we all dropped our cameras and jumped in.

Check out these two videos and watch a super successful event with a lot of talent behind it! Congrats to Matt & Ashley for this awesome Front Page post!

Amy & Jason

You may already have some background info on this wedding from our preview post. This legendary event went for three days and nights at The Ace in Palm Springs. The law was called multiple times, the partying went well into the AM, and most importantly, a rad couple with great taste and a desire to get weird and have fun had a beautiful wedding right in the middle of it. This video was super fun to make because we had such a blast and love this couple so much that  it brings back all of our own awesome memories.

There are few experiences that are more fulfilling than making something special for a friend. That’s the relationship we like to make with all of our clients. Speaking of which, our very own Jennifer Emerling absolutely killed their photos, and you can see a full post with more details on 100 Layer Cake today. Check it out!

Jordan & Stephanie

In Half Moon Bay, there’s an old timey western venue tucked into the countryside that looks like Tombstone (Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer). Jordan and Stephanie chose this location to tie the knot and Jordan even grew out an epic mustache that made him look like Bill the Butcher (everything reminds us of movies). One things about weddings is that you have a lot of great memories, especially when the client becomes your friend, and you re-experience them when you edit the video. This was a great crowd and an awesome couple at the center of it. Definitely check out the full post on GWS with photos by Nick Radford.