Combatant Gentlemen – Dress Smarter

Combatant Gentlemen trusted us to have a little fun with their new “About Us” video.  We pitched a creative treatment that involved vertical beds, falling backdrops, black morph “invisible men” suits, a table top portal device, a relatively tedious wardrobe stop motion sequence, and they were STILL totally down.  Pretty awesome to be developing relationships with clients like these guys (and girls).

We pulled this project together from script to delivery in exactly 2 weeks time.  We had an awesome crew and great support all the way through (Stratostorm totally rocked the visual effects, we’re stoked on that Portal), which allowed us to come up with something that we’re all pretty proud of.

Also, add Sheep to the “Animals Pappin has Directed” list.  Working our way to Tigers and maybe even a Giraffe.  A Rhino would be cool, too.

Mister Goodnite – Dominator

We’re talking to our good buddy Tyler Parkford about doing another music video project with him. This time for his band Mini Mansions for their new album. Did you ever see this weird ass one that we made for his solo project Mister Goodnite? It’s strange. Check it out. ( if you want )

We worked with Tyler at our shared office space in Atwater Village for I don’t know how damn long before we finally pried it out of him that he was a musician. And yeah I know that everyone in LA is either a musician or an actor or working on a screenplay, but Tyler is so SO talented. He’s bonafide. I got the chance to preview the new Mini Mansions record while writing director’s treatments, and I’m blown away. Check it out when it drops, and definitely check out the Mister Goodnite tape if you haven’t. Old school crooning over dusty samples. Pretty catchy!





Director: Brian Morrow // Producers: Jonathan Lynch, Brian Deutsch, Louise Lynch // Director of Photography: Jonathon Narducci // Effects Make Up: Corrine Foster // Stylist: Anne Sage // On Set Stills: Rainbeau Tharp

Our Charming & Talented Cast:
Tyler Parkford, Alex Nicolaou, Michael Q Schmidt, Chelsea Heath, Cheryl Nichols, Laina Miller, Bill Caruso

To Tie a Bow Tie

Here’s a cute little diddy that our new kid, Raj did with Tal from Pharmacie. I’m not totally sure it explains that tricky last step of the knot, but it does have a good ending.

Our continued gratitude goes out to those wonderful gals over at 100 Layer Cake for always putting our dumb videos up on their awesome site. And thanks to Tal for always getting us drunk.

Leisure Society – The Deep Serene

Once a year, I get the distinct pleasure of making a short film for luxury eye wear brand, Leisure Society. This year, I joined their team in and around Shaver Lake to capture the spirit of their iconic product. Leisure Society is a company that Shark Pig really enjoys working with, and we’re all proud of this years short. It’s a more relaxed pace than we often work at, but hey – that’s leisure. Leisurely.

If you’d like to watch the previous shorts here’s last year’s and our first year’s. I gotta say what’s up to Laina Miller who picked me up from another shoot at midnight and drove all through the night so we could make our 6am call. The wonderful soundtrack is “I Found Love” by Shimmering Stars. You should check them out! The rest of the credits are at the end of the video.

Ashby Update: Adam Mckay on Being There

We are treating each of Hal’s films of the 1970s as case studies where contemporary directors break them down and act as a guide for those sections. Because the ultimate film geeks are film directors themselves- we thought this added layer would give a voice to Ashby’s influence on current filmmaking. It was so cool to catch up with Adam McKay and talk about Being There. In case you’re not a film nerd, McKay is the hilarious mind behind Anchorman, The Other Guys, and Step Brothers to highlight a few hits in his very prolific career.


He broke down his appreciation for Being There on a meta-level by examining celebrity worship, media obsession, and chance. By using a present-day lens to dissect how virtually unknown people can oftentimes rise to positions of power simply by mirroring the actions of those around them- he drew super insightful impressions of Chauncy Gardiner’s rise to power and fame.

As a veteran comedian and comic writer/director, his insights on Peter Sellers performance and comic timing are fascinating. McKay sees the humor and meditative qualities of the film, but also the darker undercurrent of the plausibility of this scenario actually happening- and how Jerzy Kosinski informed the darker side of the narrative. Although what’s interesting about the film Being There is that we also got to talk to the person who actually wrote the screenplay. Stay tuned for more on that.