faux Margaux – “I Don’t Need You” Music Video




My sister Margaret is a classically trained harpist, but for the last few years she’s been tapping into her penchant for pop music. It turns out the two are surprisingly compatible.

Enter harpist-singer-songwriter faux Margaux. She developed her harp/pop fusion and introduced it to the world via cover videos, a few of which we worked on together. When she first sent me her own single I was on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan (where we ended up filming, coincidentally). I was so excited to hear it that I did that thing where, in the face of bad service, you hold your phone up in the air for 10 minutes to get it to download. A music video was inevitable.

faux Margaux is gearing up to release her debut EP, Blue, and we’ve been collaborating with her on the video for her single “I Don’t Need You.” She literally dreamt this thing up. As in, scenes from this video are her nightmares brought to life. I can’t think of a cooler impetus for a music video.



Almost nothing in this production went totally as planned. Sometimes that meant better results than we had hoped for. In the Santa Monica Pier scenes, for instance, we got some otherworldly fog that totally changed how we shot there, and the results are unreal. On the other hand, there were some less favorable turns. On the day that we were supposed to shoot Margaux swinging on a giant swing set in Lake Michigan, the waves were far higher (and colder) than the forecast had predicted. We got down there at sunrise and pushed our handmade swing set, creaking ominously in the wind, into the water. It did not go well. Fortunately we were cautious enough to keep Margaux off the swing until we were sure it was safe.. which it wasn’t.



There’s no natural force that makes me feel as helpless and insignificant as water (I have recurring nightmares where all my gear gets submerged*). Holding up a collapsing wooden swing would be hard on land; in the waves it was totally futile. As Corey (Sharkpig / husband of Margaux) and I tried to catch the swing on its way down, one of the beams sliced open my palm. So there I was, standing amidst the relentless battery of cold waves with blood dripping down my arm and a swing set on my shoulders. And that was when I knew I had made it. Just kidding. Corey and I managed to keep the set from getting sucked into the tide. We pulled it back onto land.

Needless to say we did not shoot what we planned to shoot that day. But even this apparent disaster yielded positives: we leaned into what we were given, and in return we got some terrific shots of Margaux being battered by those same waves. As for the swing set, we gave it some significant reenforcement and tried again the next day – it was still cold and overcast, but the waves were manageable and the cold blue look ended up working in my favor down the road.

*We will not be making a music video out of this particular nightmare


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.28.02 PM
Check out the video premiere on Stereogum. Photos by Jacob Boll.

Suit Guys

We’ve been waiting a while to share this project we did with our friends Combatant Gentlemen , and now that their Summit Collection has officially launched, we can finally show you what we got to do this year:

And it basically changed our lives.  We spent one sweltering hot week in Italy, drinking cappuccinos (before lunch, never after), touring the wool capitol of the world, and getting a blunt lesson in how Italians view life.  Their overwhelming passion for food, style, tradition was so inspiring and beautiful, we couldn’t help but walk away with a fresh perspective, and a desire to incorporate some of their ideals in to our daily life.  The most obvious transformation being that we’re Suit Guys now.

In what we like to call a social experiment, we’ve challenged ourselves and each other to introduce a little passion in to how we get dressed every morning before we go out in to the world.  While I can’t speak for the other bros, the difference in my life has been undeniable, and honestly pretty fascinating.  It’s a lifestyle that invites confidence, respect, and appreciation, just by putting in some effort in the morning…which makes it really fun.  The positive effects are rewarding enough that I can really get behind the mission Combatant Gentlemen is on.  They’re doing a pretty damn good job of making this lifestyle choice a possibility for more and more people, and I’m proud to be helping them get the message out by making videos like this.

Anyway,  I’m stoked I got to do this for work.  Here are some photos we took in Italy of some amazing people and places.

0V7A0234 0V7A0229

Our lovely bed and breakfast hosts.  They gave us a bed, and the mosquitos ate our hot sweaty bodies for breakfast.



This is Muriel.  She was our guide to Italian shaming.  Here she is teaching me how to properly talk with my hands.  She would also refuse to let me consume milk after lunch, and was very honest about how unimpressed she was with our production fashion.  We love her because it was the kick in the ass we needed to step our game up.

0V7A0613 0V7A0606

Our friend Max, on the left, gave us an additional tour of a Silk distributer in Como.  It was beyond.

0V7A0707 0V7A0663




Leisure Society – En Plein Soleil

I’m so proud that Shark Pig has an ongoing relationship with Leisure Society. This is my 4th short film for the luxury eye wear brand, and they always give me so much creative freedom. It’s also not terrible to hang out on a big yacht with beautiful people all day. Check it out!

Emma & Bubba

Emmadime, the talented graphic designer and blogger, used to work in The Flashdance office with all of us until one day a handsome young scientist named Bubba swept her off her feet and all the way to San Francisco. Not long after, they got hitched.

As for the wedding, they generously gave photographer Jennifer Emerling and I TONS of time for portraiture, so we drove them all over the city. Because of that, and because her wedding was genuinely one of the most intimate and special events we’ve seen, we are excited and proud to finally show off our work and celebrate this couple.

Seriously, just look at these two random photos I just snagged from Jenn’s new website. Oh, by the way, Jenn just launched a brand spankin’ new website (designed by Emma, and it’s super dope). There you will find all of the photos. We suggest looking at them, but fair warning – your eyeballs might explode.

EmmaBubba_topselects030 EmmaBubba_topselects026

And here is their video!

Special thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for the big post today!

Blame — Some Know-How from an Ass-Kicking

I’m a stubborn man. Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

Earlier this year, I was hell-bent on shooting my first short film called ‘Blame’. It’s a comedy about the longterm effects of bullying. The words ‘bullying’ and ‘comedy’ do not often appear in the same sentence, for good reason. But I think laughter is a valuable medium for difficult subjects, and I have things to say.

I work for Shark Pig who has a wealth of knowledge from the commercial and film industries. I work hard, and I had money saved up. So I was suddenly in a position to write and direct a film! Exciting right? It was! But by the time it was done I felt like Ben here (this is a screenshot from the film).

Still 2

Why? Because I’m stubborn.

This film wreaked havoc on my financial, physical and emotional wellbeing. But that’s because I made classic mistakes that could have been avoided. Here’s an incomplete list of examples. For any professionals out there, these are probably no-brainers. But they weren’t for someone like me.

Writing explosions and car crashes
Leaving too much for post (not being practical)
Shooting without permits in private areas
Asking too many favors
Saying, “We’ll wing it.”
Producing, Writing, Directing, DP’ing, and Editing a 20-page script

However! This is not a blogpost about failures. On the contrary, this project marks a great success in my life. This film is complete. And because it exists, it is a win. Even though it was difficult, even if people think it sucks, the crew and I made something together. And people might like it!

So now I’m in a strange position where I, along with Shark Pig, can potentially lend some helpful do’s and don’t’s to filmmakers out there who are trying to do the same thing. It’s hard to give specific details without spilling the beans too soon, but the crew and I did something kind of impossible. Plus! We’re still hungry for more and we’re about to shoot my second short in November, and we’ll be able to see how we can put these lessons into practice.

Since the film is being submitted to festivals, we can’t put it online yet. So instead, Shark Pig and I will share sneak peaks here on the blog – along with a full list of the bonehead things I did to make this film happen – until we can share it.

If you’d like to follow along, just check in with this blog and follow me on instagram at @mrwadekoch. I’ll also post any festival successes.

In the meantime, here is a little preview: a synopsis, some stills, a list of cast + credits, and a short clip. Hope you dig, and thanks for reading!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to my friend Mylissa Fitzsimmons (more on her and the mind-blowing value of friendship to come) who is helping me navigate the festival world. Without her I’d be winging it right now. On top of that, she’s a talented and prolific filmmaker. Follow her on @mylissafitz to keep up with her films and festival appearances!


Still 1

Still 3


















A video posted by Wade (@mrwadekoch) on

A lot of talented people worked on this film! Here is a full list of credits.


Written & Directed by
Wade Koch

Benjamin Webb
Sean Harrison Jones
Murphy Martin
Schuyler Jeffress
Steve Pappin
Geoff Boothby


Gracyn Chamberlin
Brekkan Spens
Blake Perry
Shawn Kissinger
CJ Diehl

Produced by
Wade Koch

Executive Produced by
Shark Pig

Director of Photography
Wade Koch

Asst Camera
Corey Bienert

Art Director & Wardrobe
Allison Honeycutt

Makeup / Hair & FX Makeup
Chelsea Dorris

Max Nikoff

Sound Mixing
Michael Weinstein

Music by
Satern and Pond5

Edited by
Wade Koch

VFX Supervisor
Erik Tillmans

CG Artist
Jason Stovall

Hanny Boyer

Production Assistance
John Koch
Mandy Hobmeier
Robert Ingraham

Craft Services
Rainbeau Tharp

Special Thanks
Fast Toys, Inc
Atwater Village Tavern
Nordoff High School

Gregory Ignacio
Bobbi Hagan
Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Al Vuocolo
James Dorris
John Koch