Pig Trouble in Little Chinatown

We’ve been doing some work with Panda Express for their Orange Chicken Love Truck Tour.  Did you know Panda Express is run by Super Intelligent T-Shirt Wearing Pandas who only communicate through dance?  Here is a video of Brian Morrow, our creative director in a very important business meeting:

Just kidding.  They’re totally just dancing about Kurt Russell.

Wine Box Art Talk Episode 3 is this week!


From Wine Box Art Talk Director – Louise Lynch: In preparation for our third Wine Box Art Talk, I had the pleasure of visiting our featured artist, Allison Honeycutt in her studio downtown. I wanted to try on one of her recent fabric sculptures. This artist interview is unique for me, in that I have known Allison most of my life. I have countless memories from school of her drawing and doodling; curved over her paper, hand moving in rapid, precise strokes. Her work then was mostly drawings and paintings; realistic, controlled, and very polished. It was not the logical precursor to the expansive and uninhibited mixed media pieces that she is doing now. Having the opportunity to learn what pushed her to grow and evolve as an artist is partially why I wanted to work with her on Wine Box Art Talk.

WBAT-Allison_001   WBAT-Allison_021

Trying on the Flesh Suits was akin to a Rorschach test, in that it was such an honest reveal of myself. I was excited to try them on, while simultaneously worried about it; What would they look like on my body? What would people’s reaction be? Could I loose five pounds before I had to wear one on camera? I had initially thought I would choose whatever piece would be the most flattering, but at some point my vanity was won over by the beauty of the Flesh Suits and their unexpected humor. I stopped thinking of them in relation to my physical self and was drawn towards how they made me feel.


Later that evening, long after taking off the suit, I began to feel vulnerable; not because I had felt physically exposed but because I had felt emotionally exposed.  While reading thought her statement on the pieces, I was intrigued to find my experience perfectly represented.  “The Flesh Suits are an investigation in modesty, obscenity, exhibitionism, and the appropriateness of nakedness. When worn, the Flesh Suits speak even more to their contradictions of clothed versus naked, and public versus private. Through the context of the individual model and their words, actions and emotional state this false nakedness can take on very different meanings. In what context does genitalia turn from “natural” to offensive? With my more recent work I’m also exploring beauty versus weirdness of the human body and finding beauty in what is not “ideal.”

I am eager to see other people’s response to the Flesh Suits and continue the conversation with Allison on Thursday evening.

If you are in the LA area and would like to join us, please RSVP to wineboxarttalk@sharkpig.com

Photos by Rainbeau Tharp



WBAT-Allison_012   WBAT-Allison_039


WBAT-Allison_035   WBAT-Allison_037

Ruth Moody – Far and Wide

When I was in high school, my closest friends and I were in a garage band called Johnny Cockaroo & The Mojos. I was a horrible musician, but there were a few people in the band that actually had talent, particularly the bass player Sam Howard. I recently got a call from him asking if I wanted to come up to Portland to shoot a video of his current band recording in studio before they left on tour. I was excited to reconnect with my old friend, but I had no idea how legit it would be shooting with The Ruth Moody Band. Check out the video so you know what I’m talking about. They’re legit!

Not only am I impressed, I’m also so inspired by the message of this song. Far and wide, before I die, let there be peace! You might recognize Ruth if you’re a fan of The Wailin’ Jennys and if you want to catch them, they’re currently on tour with Mark Knopfler in Europe.

Wine Box Art Talk – Premiere Episode!


At Shark Pig we are always excited to bring together our creative community for the opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, engage, or just chat over a glass of wine. Which is why we’re so pumped about our latest endeavor, Wine Box Art Talk.

Wine Box Art Talk is a free evening that we’re producing where we invite an artist, creative, entrepreneur, or maker, someone that we find really inspiring to have a conversation with us about creativity and productivity and how it relates to their work. The evenings are warm, intimate, beautifully styled and will hopefully inspire all of us in our personal projects and professional work.


Our kick off evening featured the talented Jennifer Banash, novelist, high school English teacher, and mother. Jennifer’s 6th novel “Silent Alarm” was just published and she shared with us her inspiration for the book, as well as discussing the fickle nature of creativity and inspiration and how she manages to accomplish so much with her very full schedule.


Every Wine Box Art Talk at it’s core is an event, where our friends and colleagues can get together and discuss the topics brought up by our guest, but of course we film it too. Each episode is a shortened version of highlighted points from the evening. Check it Episode One below! Moving forward we would love to get your input on future guests as well as topics that would inspire you. Leave it in the comments or contact us at wineboxarttalk@sharkpig.com.
Thank you to Jennifer Banash, Happenings Co for the styling and branding, YEAH rentals for the furniture and Bota Box for the wine! – Louise Lynch

Canon C100 Mark 2 Test Drive

The good folks over at Canon were sweet enough to send their new C100 Mark 2 to Shark Pig so we could take it for a spin. Fortunately, we were busy doing a bunch of different random jobs at the time, and we got to test it out pretty thoroughly. I’m proud to work with Canon gear, and it was a fun opportunity. I had to grow out a frail stash for the interview though. Too nervous otherwise.

Cause that’s what our company is: A fish, some fries, a dog, and the Golden Gate Bridge.